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To raise standards in maths by supporting our children in their learning of maths and helping them to make links between what they learn in the classroom and how maths applies to everyday life.

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Remember, I am available to answer any questions you have about maths at our school. Just pop into the office or catch me around school.

Alison Cooper

The New Maths Curriculum


This year has been the second year of working from the New Maths Curriculum and staff and pupils have been working really hard to step up to the challenge. Children have been developing positive attitudes towards Problem Solving and tackling maths tasks both independently and with learning partners.


Following research and collaboration with other schools in the MCLP, we are further developing our maths teaching next year (2016/17) to ensure that we are preparing our children to be fluent in maths, to be able to reason about maths and to tackle problem solving with confidence.

See below for more information on our new approaches.


With the aims of the National Curriculum at the forefront of our minds, we have been developing lessons that encourage fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. With the help of Mathematics Consultant Karen Wilding, and with collaboration with other primary schools in the MCLP, teachers are planning and delivering lessons that allow children to fully develop their understanding of mathematical concepts through discussion, using practical resources and exploring ideas.





As a school we have subscribed to MyMaths - a great online maths website packed full of activities and games to consolidate the work your children are doing in school and based around the new maths curriculum. In September, children will be given login details, but in the meantime there are plenty of activities on the MyMaths site for anyone to try. So, have a go and let us know what you think!

This APP has been suggested as a good one to try. It is free. Let me know about any other great APPS or websites that you find.

This APP has been suggested as a good one to try. It is free. Let me know about any other great APPS or websites that you find. 1

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