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Come and meet the staff at our school!

Executive Head Teacher

Deputy Heads

Office Manager

Mrs A Davey

Mr K Dicken

Mrs R Kiziak

Mrs S Bindley

Office Staff


Site Team

Miss N Sherwood-  Administrator

Miss S Crick-Finance Officer

Mrs L Thurman-Clerical Assistant

Mrs D Seago- Clerk to the Governors


Mrs H Harvey-Pastoral  and Attendance Manager

Mrs J Rhinds-Parent Link Worker

Mr R Bellamy Site Manager

Mr F Murray Site Supervisor

Teaching Staff

Teaching Assistants

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mr R Jacques-Year 6 Leader

Ms L Baker

Mrs D Armer

Mr K Dicken-Year 5 Leader

Mrs J Blackwell-SEN Support

Mrs L Bolton

Mrs C Spies-Year 4 Leader

Mrs L Bland-Special Needs

Miss C Bonewell

Mrs M Forshaw-Year 3 Leader

Mrs M Brice

Miss T Cooper


Mr J Cooper-Special Needs

Mrs R Dixon

Mrs L Aldridge

Mrs R Crawford-McKellar

Mrs E Hinds

Mrs A Cooper

Mrs T Draycott

Miss C Tromans

Mrs J Buckingham

Miss B Freeman

Mrs S White

Mrs P Bodicoat

Mrs N Gilbert

Mrs M Wood

Mrs J Lupton

Mrs N Ginns-PPA Cover

Mrs K Pegg

Mrs E Mcdonald

Mrs L Overman

Mrs G Goddard

Mr M Skelham

Mrs M Kernan-HLTA


Mr P Tierney

Mrs M Luczak-Pawlikowska-Special Needs


Mrs T Vials-Inclusion and English Leader

Miss R Morrison-PPA Cover


Mrs C Ward

Mrs S Osborne


Miss K Womack

Miss N Perrin


Mr A Haynes-Reading Recovery

Mrs A Pike


Mrs J Williams

Mrs S Trow-HLTA

Mrs S Trow



Mrs M Driver 


Mrs J Weekley-HLTA

Mrs N Gilbert


Mrs A Huntley